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Friday, March 11, 2005

Prince Pi

This is an old story I wrote a long tome ago.

Once upon a time, there was a frog prince, his name pet was Hoppie his real name is Prince P (pi). He lived in New York, New York. This was in the year 3142. One day he was surfing the net. He went to and clicked on Millennium Force® portal
Then he found himself on top of the Millennium Force. He wondered where p would be, where he was and who he was, because...
Then he found a gold goose. The gold goose told him to leave and go to China and go “Chin Chang Thong” said prince pi. Then, the golden goose said, “My name is Loopy.”
“What’s my name?” said p
“Let’s sing a song!” said Loopy
“Witch song”
“Ninety-nine Bottles Of Beer on the Wall”
“Let’s start now”
“Ninety-nine Bottles Of Beer on the Wall
Ninety-nine Bottles Of Beer!
Take one down pass it around
Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall
Ninety-eight bottles of beer
Take one down pass it around…”

· · ·

Meanwhile at Loki’s tower…
“The proper way to take control of is to hack!” said Nognor
Loki said, “Totally wrong: the proper way to take over is to send Reponsel to the top of the Millennium Force. I’d give yea 314 joules if your sissy scheme worked, Nognor.”
“I don’t want to go” Reponsel said.
Jouromgund: “well you will!
Suddenly Odin bursts in!
Odin said, “Let her free”
Nognor Loki and Jouromgund then said “NEVER”
“Then I’ll take her myself”
“You can’t you weakling”
“I’m a god, remember”
“Well so is Loki”
“I’m the greatest”
Odin and Reponsel all of a sudden disappeared.

· · ·

Back at Cedar Point:
“…One bottle of beer on the wall
One bottle of beer!
Take one down pass it around
Zero bottles of beer on the wall
Zero bottles of beer!
Take one down pass it around
Negative one bottles of beer on the wall
Negative one bottles of beer!
Take one down pass it around.”
“I can’t say another word,” exclaimed Pi
“Neither can I” remarked Loopy
“Look up there!”
“I thought you couldn’t say another word”
“Just look”
“Whoa! A flying person!”
“Who are you?” said Loopy and Pi
“Odin and Reponsel”
“Who is Odin?
“The most powerful Norse god”
“I want to kiss her, I’m a prince” said Pi
“First a challenge to prove you’re a prince” said Odin and Reponsel
Here is an approximate list of tests:
1. Tell us your genoligey
2. Tell why you’re a frog
3. Open C://autoexec.bat file
4. Sing Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall
5. Tell us how to ride a roller coaster
6. Do tests 1,2 and 3
This is only part of the list there is more but if I typed the whole list, it would take a week to tell everything about the tests. I do not know much about because the bright green future oracle gets fuzzy easy. For more info go to L:\stuff.htx
Here is how he did on the tests: His genoligey: Prince Pi son of King Lextop. Why he is a frog: he had genetic mutations. He opened C:\autoecxt.bat no problem. He really did well on the song.

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