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Friday, July 08, 2005

Vacation Message\Rabbit Pictures Part 2\The First Pov-Ray Post\2 Jokes\Legal Notice\Apology

All right here's the post you've all been waiting for. I'm going on vacation for the next week to Lake Michigan - I take back the Flush Twice Joke - see here ( Also I've downloaded Pov-Ray and created my first (semi) on-my-own image. Here it is in it's final form (see right).
The zoom on the right is from an earlier version of it (1 or 2 days ago). The floor is squares - I don't know if the noise around
some of the square edges is from JPEG compression or not. These are based upon Pov-Ray's torus demo. Aside: I used JPEG because PNG (my first choice) produced a 900KB~3MB image and BMP (the original format) produced a consistent 3.5MB file for a 1280*1024 image. The JPEG was about 100KB~300KB. END OF ASIDE.

Alright, here are the two jokes - you can replace the town names with whatever, I put Worthington, UA (Upper Arlington), and football in for the purpose of looking better than $town1, $town2, and $sport. Here they are:

Joke 1
Once upon a time, a Worthington resident was working for a UA farmer, and the UA farmer was angry because the Worthington ton football team beat the UA team. The UA farmer was so angry that he asked the Worthington worker how deep a hole was. The farmer (from UA) knew that it was a manure (cow #2) hole and asked the worker (from Worthington) to jump in to see how deep it was. The worker jumps in and shouts up "It's ankle deep!," so the farmer jumps in and it's up to his neck. The farmer yells "I thought it was ankle deep!" The Worthington worker replied "It was; I jumped in headfirst."

Joke 2
A Worthington resident and a UA resident are at a football game. The Worthington resident is behind the UA resident, who is using the urinal in the men's room. The UA resident accidentally drops a penny in and when he's done with his business he dumps a bunch of change in and then grabs it out of the urinal. When asked why he did that, he said "I wouldn't go in for just a penny."

Alright here are the rest of the rabbit pictures :) - part 3 should wrap things up - coming in a week or 2

As you can see, Sarah hopped out of this picture - the one that got away!!

Legal Notice -- You may copy and distribute the pictures if you want, but you MUST give credit to Chris Matlak - except for the jokes - those you Can use freely (I didn't make them) -- End legal notice

Here are some more Pov-Ray pictures


<<==Stone chains

The pillar

Is this a farm or bowling alley??

Sorry to you dial-up users for the slow loading speeds - I just had a lot to say ;) - This is the longest spontaneous post!

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