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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Generic Christmas List Post

Here are some suggested gifts for Christmas, divided into three four lists. (Some items may be on more than one list)

1. Gifts which I know I won't receive unless someone just won the lottery:
Motorized vehicular transportation device
XBox360, Wii, DS Light, or PS3 (in descending order of preference, too much space would be taken up trying to explain)
1080p equipment (video recorder or TV/Projector)
Portable DVD Player
Archos 404 Camcorder, 604 WiFi, AV 500, or Gmini 402 Camcorder.
2. My moderately-priced list (Some items may become very pricey or very cheap)
DS Lite
Halo 2 or 3
Green/Blue Laser Pointers (
Snakes on a Plane DVD or Soundtrack
Archos 404 Camcorder, 604 WiFi, AV 500, or Gmini 402 Camcorder.
Portable DVD Player
Fable 2 (May not be released yet)
3. Free to CD/DVD expensive
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists CDs
The Doors I
Pre Dark Side of the Moon Floyd
Blur oyster Cult
More than a feeling
Techno remixes of Rock music or other techno
Red laser pointer
World peace
More Harmony
4. Surprise Me
Any random music you think I might like
Something completely random and unexpected

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