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Monday, May 28, 2007

"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!": Who knew that little children could be so violent?

Last week, I marched in the Memorial Day Parade (the largest one in the state) with the band. It was long and boring, but the events that happened at the after-parade BBQ were almost worth it. At the BBQ me and some of my drum line friends were hanging out when Catherine showed up with Jimmy little sister, Ava. Ava then went around and spanked random people and/or grabbed onto their leg and refused to let go. Later on, my sister, Theresa comes into our group and grabs onto my leg and refuses to let go, and she is significantly heavier than Ava. Things got interesting when Ava spanked Theresa. Theresa then started to fight with Ava, causing Pablo to say "Holy $#!&, dude, look at sMatlak's sister." Immediately afterwards, Ava chased Theresa shouting "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" as loud as she could. All I can say is that I never knew that small children could be so violent.

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