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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vacation 2007 Days 4-6

It's only 9:56PM, but it feels as if it were 23:00 in Ohio. Things really do happen earlier in Maine than they do in Ohio.


On Tuesday, I went to the Blue Moose Cafe in Blue Hill. The food was good, and so were the portions - although I should have had a more seafood-oriented meal. After that I had to wait for about an 15 minutes for my mom the finish writing some postcards to her family while I was outside waiting to go back to the Dragonflye (that is how they spell dragonfly) Inn. That evening, I went on a 3.5 mile hilly bike ride to the beach on the end of the peninsula that we were staying on to the beach. The H2O was cold, but there were some interesting rock formations to look at. That evening, my family and I discovered that places like to close up shop early in this area, so we had to buy some rotisserie chicken at the store and then drive 15 minutes back to our inn. While we were there, someone made the bad decision to eat outside and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, it was dark and the mosquitoes were abundant. That just REALLY TICKED MY OFF. (Shouting necessary.)


Yesterday, I went to Bar Harbor, which will be described in a separate post because I am too tired


I'll edit this post with details tomorrow or on Monday.

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